Exploring the world of Hylewood (Part 1)

Hey friends. 😊 Thank you for checking out my blog again and reading all about my fun with The Sims 3.

So lately I’ve been checking out the Hylewood world (by Nilxis) and setting up a few things there. (I actually installed the Fixed version of it found on MTS. 👍 )


Wellllll……There might be a 2022 Christmas story in the works……….. :mrgreen:


Since Hylewood is an empty world, I have to build it up. :neutral: Which is not generally my favorite thing to do, at all, but I am driven by the excitement of a new world and a new story so that helps. ;) And the fact that the world is very small. 👍

Look at this quaint church nestled in the autumn colored trees. :love:*Swoon!*


^It’s almost like you’re stepping into a New England town in the Fall. That may be the idea… :smirk:

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with this home as the main character’s parent’s home in their hometown. <3


GOSH I can’t wait to see this world covered in snow! ❄ :love: ❄

Anyhoo, before I got too far into building up the world I told myself it might be good to test the world out first and make sure it works well, doesn’t crash, etc. 👍 So to do that, I created a testing sim to go out and explore.

Everyone…meet Sexy Hunk:love: (I was too lazy to come up with a proper name ok! 🤣 )


Please ignore the ugly wallpaper in the background that suggests he might be living with his grandma. :lol: I just plopped him into the first starter home I could find in my library. :p

Anyway! :lol: I immediately sent him off to go exploring. :)

The first thing that caught my attention was this old, abandoned mill nestled in the trees and the flowing river beside it. The rapid flow of the water sounded so soothing. 💜 Zooming in, I literally lost a breath at the beauty before me! :love: I was just in awe!




And the water all flows out into this! :open_mouth:<3


I sent Sexy Hunk right up to the river’s edge. When he stopped, he didn’t realize he did an impromptu pose for me. :blush:


But he soon realized, just as I, how exquisitely gorgeous the scenery is all around him. <3



Then he threw out a silly puckered lips, yet dreamy expression. :lol::love:


And then he glanced up at me – the Goddess of the Sim world – as if to say, “Thank you Goddess, for sending me to most gorgeous of worlds! I am very thankful, and will worship thee forever in gratitude.” :smirk::p:lol:<3


My reply: “Of course my Sexy Hunk…I treat all my creations well.” :blush:

*Blissful admiring sigh of my creation*


Anyway! (Again! :lol: ) I wanted to see what kind of interactions the river had. It gave me the swim and snorkling option! :grin: (Though I’m not sure how well those would work…) But I had to go with the “skipping stones” option first because I forgot about it!


When Sexy Hunk was done doing that, I sent him into the water for a swim. He walked right into it before changing into his swimwear. :lol: I kinda love this photo…


And so the wading began…

Umm, I don’t think walking through the rocks is very safe, Sexy Hunk… :grimace::joy:

(^Aren’t all the colors on the rock gorgeous though!? :love: So shimmery! )

Ok, as sexy as he is, this just looks creepy! :grimace:


He wasn’t able to do any swimming though, as I expected. It’s just too shallow. But I like that he waded through it. :) It made for some good pictures. (I wish he’d been able to “Play” in the water, but it’s all good.)

Soon he changed back into his regular clothes – while still half immersed :lol: – and took another long look around at the stunning scenery before him.


Next I had him check out the consignment shop I threw down; all was well there. NRaas Register kept telling me I need to assign someone to the shop and I’m like, “I know! Leave me alone!” :grimace:

After that I had him check out this small park before going on to check out the Festival Grounds. So so pretty. :love: And that’s one giant goldfish! :lol:


Seriously I am IN LOVE with Hylewood! <3 🍁🍂 <3 I’m just…breathless by its beauty and can’t find quite the right words to describe it. (The Uranesia mod makes it look all the more colorful, imo. )

I still don’t know what town name I’m going to give it for my Christmas story (Ok, I guess I’m officially confirming/announcing it. ;):kissing_heart: ) but hopefully I’ll come up with something cute and fitting very soon. :blush: I gotta get cracking on all of this pronto in order to have it ready to debut by Dec 1st!

Stay tuned for it! 🥰

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I “got my game back.” And it’s better than ever before! 💖

Hey everyone! Time for another update on all my recent Sims 3 shenanigans. 😁

Since I don’t have a story I’m working on (for now :p ) I’ve been able to devote much more time to my game in creating the perfect game folder, with safe cc, and finding ways for my game to run much more quickly and smoothly. :blush: (I’ve been watching @Astro ‘s YouTube videos on how he’s gotten his game to run so quickly and look so pretty and I’ve learned many valuable tips from him. 👍 )

Now that I have all the safe cc I want to keep, I took the plunge and merged all my Package files. (The ones that are safe to merge. 👍) I still kept them in organized categories because that’s just smart to do. But yeah I had like 1,500 mergable cc Package files the game was trying to read upon every load up and I’ve reduced that number now to 15! :smiley: (Give or take)

People…you would not BELIEVE the difference that has made in my game!!! :open_mouth: I am STILL in awe!
(Okay, I think some of you would who have merged your cc Package files too. :p )

It was taking my game 6 (sometimes 7) minutes to load up. :neutral: I realize for some of you that would be an awesomely short amount of time, due to the kind/age of the computer you have, but for my high end gaming computer…that was just annoying and unacceptable to me. 😒

Not only that, but the game hiccupped often in LIVE mode, especially when turning the camera, and then switching from one house/lot to another there was A LOT of slow rendering and it was driving me freaking crazy! :confounded: Almost to the point where playing the game was becoming unenjoyable…and that was breaking my heart. :cry:
But…….I dealt with it because that’s the price you pay to have all the cc you want in your game. Right? Until I learned just how beneficial merging all those Package files can be. :smirk: I’d always heard about the benefits, but was somewhat hesitant to do it because I’m a worry wart. :lol: (Some friendly advice: Make sure you backup ALL your individual Package files into a safe place before merging, which I made sure to do. Cause you never know what might happen and you don’t want to lose all your precious cc files! I was fortunate to not have any mishaps during my merging. 👍) And if I choose to add anymore cc to my game – which I totally will ;) – I know I can merge those files too to keep the game running quickly and smoothly.

So yeah, NOW my game loads up in 2.5 minutes! :smiley: (Crazy right!?) And there’s no hiccupping or slow rendering in LIVE mode. My game runs smooooooth like butter…even when turning the camera around and around and around. :relieved: I mean *blissful sigh* I feel like I’ve gotten my GAME back! And it’s a beautiful feeling. <3 Not only that, CAS loads up quicker! :grin: No joke! My game would take almost a 10 second pause after clicking on the Hair category just for it to load up all the hairs I have. (And this is with NRaas MC compact settings!) Not anymore! 2 seconds, the hairs are there! All fully loaded! :star: I’m not making this up. :mrgreen:

Well anyhoo, enough of that rambling, but I was just SO excited to share that with y’all! :smiley: 👏 HAPPY DANCE! 💃

So remember how I mentioned loving Nilxis’ Uranesia Lighting Mod, but disliking how dark the shadows were? Wellllll…I found a tutorial online that I think helped me to reduce the darkness of the shadows. :star:

Looking at the before and after photos I took it seems to be a slight lightening of the shadows, but I’ll take it! And my sims seem to look more “lit up” in those said dark shadows after my tweaking. Example pic here. Such a happy Pauline! :blush:
(I did ditch that necklace before merging my files because sadly, it clips… 😦 )


Obviously she looks dark anyway because she’s standing in shadows, but at least this time I can SEE her face! Before I tweaked the Package file, her face – and body – was pretty darn dark in those dark shadows, even for a fair skinned girl.

While I was checking to make sure my cc was still showing up in the game after merging files, for fun I placed this bed of tulips down in the shadows…


…and had Pauline walk right through them. <3 I love tulips!


After that, on the other side of the house where the sun is shining :lol: , Pauline played in a rain puddle. <3


The Uranesia Lighting Mod adds a blue hue to everything and since I love the color blue, I don’t mind that at all. :blush:

I also added in that “thicker clouds” mod from Nilxis (again) and took a bunch of scenery pictures! :mrgreen:

Rainy photos:



Rainbow! :love:


Pictures of the next day which was sunny with mostly clear skies. ;)


Birdies! <3


That gorgeous sunset again. :love:


Sunset is around the time Hank comes home from a hard days work as a law enforcement officer.

He wanted some intimate time with Pauline before she headed off to work… :smirk:<3


Gosh he’s so fine! <3<3

This post wouldn’t be complete without throwing in a few yummy photos of him. :mrgreen:



^I just realized his bushy eyebrows were still applied to his nekkid outfit. :confounded: I’ll have to fix that later…But for now, let’s continue. :p

That gasping for precious air face after holding your breath under water for almost 5 sim minutes. :lol:


But he was enjoying himself. ;)



Night shots. <3



The wee hours of the morning…as the moon is setting not long before the sun rises:


*Sigh* I am just loving my game right now more than I have in a long while and I’m very very happy. :blush:

That’s it for this episode of Em’s Random Gameplay. :) Hope y’all enjoyed it.

Happy Simming! <3

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My Newest Sim Heartthrob 😏💗

Hey y’all!

Lately in my game I’ve been drooling hard over my made-over version of Hank Goddard. 😍 (From Sunset Valley). I’ve been trying out all the new cc I found on him (and Pauline) and he’s turning into more and more of a major hunk! I think I’m going to save him to the Bin. 💖

*Near fainting sigh*


The way he looks holding Pauline in his sleep. 💞


(Looks like Pauline is having second thoughts about getting married as well! 😂 These two and their commitment issues… )

Returning home from work…


I zoom in to his gorgeous face and think, “Why do I never run into a cop that looks as hot as this?” 😆😛😍


And y’all know I swoon hard for a man in uniform. 🤤💞

Naturally I had to capture some silly photos of him doing the Smustle! 😜



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What I’ve been up to…

Hey everyone! 😀

Now that my Pelican Town to Sims Town story has been completed, I’ve been able to work on other simming projects. 😊

In between that though, I’ve been working on building a clean/safe cc game folder all with fully tested cc! ⭐ I learned the hard way with dumping a bunch of cc into your game without testing each item in game first. Sometimes the bad cc culprits are not always easy to find and pull out, even when you convert your cc to Package files, so it can become a long and involved nightmare that wastes all your precious free time! 😓 I’d just rather avoid going through that again for good! 

So far my perfect folder is coming along quite nicely and I’ve got a better looking, and better running, game from cleaning out all the crap. 🎉 And there’s so many awesome tips I’ve learned on backing up your cc and game saves, realizing that I don’t have to just have ONE Sims 3 game folder for all of my game playing! I’ve created a folder just for the world of Praaven and there’s nothing but Medieval cc and Store items in it. I also have another Sims 3 folder dedicated to the Disney Magic Kingdom World collab that’s going on. And then of course there’s my Main save. You just do folder switcharoos from time to time. 😉 

I sure wish I had learned these “life hacks” back when I was playing The Sims 2, but alas…you live and learn. 😉

Anyway, speaking of Disney Magic Kingdom, that was the main simming project I needed to return to and complete. 🙂 

I finally completed the Colonial starter home I claimed to build for Liberty Square and y’all will see it on the DMK thread (as well as posted on here) very soon. 

I actually wanted to share a previous home that I built for the project, but ending up “scrapping” it – I put that in quotes because it’s still saved to my Library – because it didn’t quite have that true colonial look and feel to it. But I do love how cute it turned out. ❤ 

Anyhoo, here is an exclusive look – just for y’all 😉 – of my “scrapped” DMK starter home:
(Note: since it was meant to be a starter home my budget was very limited. And those roof pieces are NOT cheap! 😬 Another reason for the scrap.)



Adorable right? 😊

Living room and Kitchen:



Main Bedroom:






Night shot:

(Ugh, the SEAM between the roof pieces! Curse Windows 10! 😣 Unless the rest of y’all have that same issue…🤷‍♀️)

I’ve been using @TinySpaceFox ‘s Martin sim 😍 to do some routing and functionality testing in my DMK builds so here’s a couple of pictures related to that. 

Putting together two pieces (with MOO) to create this cute, cheap, barn sink was a success! 😀 Yay!


And it turned out that a wall decoration was preventing him from using the one free counter in the kitchen so I had to ditch it and he was able to cook his delicious mac n cheese. 😆 Look at those bouncing noodles!



That’s it for what I’ve been up to, post story, lately. 😉 I’ll try to post all my random gameplay updates from the Sims thread over here as well. 👍

Hope y’all have a great day and Happy Simming! 💖

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The Ending is Here (PTST) 😢🥰

Well everyone…the conclusion to Pelican Town to Sims Town is here.

In many ways it never felt like this day would come…maybe because I didn’t want it to, but at the same time I love these characters so much that I had to give them the ending they deserve. 💗 I hope y’all will enjoy it greatly. (You may want to grab a tissue or two. 😉 )

Author’s Notes and Special Thanks given after the ending. 🥰

Jump to the conclusion HERE . You can also read it in the main Chapter area. 😊

To the end of an era. 🥂 It’s been a joyful ride. Thank you all for sharing it with me. 🤗

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Little Snippet from Part 2 of the Grand Finale (PTST) 😊

Alrighty everyone! Ready for more Pelican Town to Sims Town? 😁

So Part 2 of the Finale is getting pretty long (since it’s the end 😉) and I wanted to release a little bit of it before finishing up the rest of it. I just don’t want to keep y’all waiting too long for more as the story is coming to a close. 💗 There’s a lot to internalize in this part of the ending so enjoy!

*Quick Author’s Note here: I’d like to point out that since the gang is no longer in Appaloosa Plains, and back home in Pelican Town, I will be using character portraits from the Stardew Valley game (some have been altered a little by me for story purposes 😛 ) as pictures to go along with the story. Just for that realistic, concluding effect. 😊 So there will be no Sims pictures in these last two updates.

I know, it’s sad to not see them as Sims anymore. 😥 (At least not for a while anyway) But it’s okay. This is how it’s supposed to be. 💗

So without further adieu, enjoy the beginning of Part 2 everyone. 😀 We left off with them “leaping” home and landing inside the Wizard’s tower. (Like how I did that? 😏😜)

Jump to latest HERE!

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PTST = Pelican Town to Sims Town. 👍

I should’ve come up with the acronym much earlier than now, but better late than never right? 😅

But yeah so, THE GRAND FINALE IS HERE EVERYONE! ⭐ I’m so excited to share!!!

So bittersweet… 😥😌

I won’t bore you with ramblings any longer so click HERE to jump right to Part 1! 😀 I hope to have the second, and final, part ready very soon. 🤞 (Provided adulting doesn’t keep getting in my way… 🤪)

I hope y’all LOVE it as much as I did writing it. 💗

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The Couple’s Highlights Continue 🥰

More to Chapter 19 is here! ⭐ Enjoy my friends!

Part 1 of the Grand Finale is coming next. 😥💗👏 I plan to have it ready in the next week or so…

Stay tuned!

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The Birth of the Final Chapter 🤪

Hey everyone! 😀 Sorry it’s been a hot minute…

As much as I had planned to end Pelican Town to Sims Town on an even numbered chapter (perfectionist thing…) I took a hard look at Chapter 18 and realized…it was long. Too long. Sigh…

So it was time to swallow my perfectionism and create a 19th and final chapter to the story (with my latest update that I was about to post). It’s all good! 😁👍 It really feels good to do it this way.

Chapter 19 begins with half of the final couple’s highlights before I go into the grand finale. I still can’t believe the end is this near… *holds hand to heart* It has been a wonderful, emotional, and joyful ride telling this story for the past 2 and a half years. 💗

Anyway, head on over The New Chapter to see what is new. ⭐ Enjoy! 🥰

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🎄Snowflake Day Arrives in Appaloosa🎄

Hey everyone! More of Pelican Town to Sims Town is here! 😀 These final winter scenes of the story were an absolute JOY for me to write and I am so excited to share it with y’all. 🥰 (You may want to grab some tissues. 😉 )

Before you jump to the latest in the story, I wanted to provide you with a little flashback from Chapter 4 that will help you understand a few things that are mentioned in this next part. 😊


Pelican Town to Sims Town
Chapter 4 – Flashback

“Alrighty, do we have everyone here?” Harvey asked, glancing amongst the crowd and counting.
“All except for Leah and Elliott,” Haley remarked, smacking on some gum she found in her bedroom end table.
“Gee I wonder why?” Shane muttered.
“Sorry everyone, we’re coming!” Leah declared, racing down the stairs fixing her hair with her fingers, Elliott trailing behind her. Everyone in the room shot the two a questionable look. They both sat down in the empty loveseat facing Harvey which they were surprised a couple of the others hadn’t chosen to sit on instead of in a chair or on the floor.

“Nice of you two to join us,” Harvey said and then cleared his throat. “Alright so I’ve called all of us here together so that we can discuss this ‘quest’ the Wizard has sent us on.”


What quest!?” Sam blurted out.
“Yeah!” Alex added. “I don’t recall him giving us any details about it, unless one of you heard something I didn’t.” Haley nodded at his comment.
“That’s exactly why I’ve brought us together to discuss it,” Harvey said, “but first, let’s talk about what happened, from the beginning, that brought us all here. Starting at the beginning should jog all of our memories.” He then looked over at the guys sitting on the left to the guys sitting on his right. “Guys do you mind if I’m the spokesperson for all of us on how we were summoned to the tower?”

They all nodded, except for Shane.

“Yes, I mind,” the lone wolf of the group replied, “because the ladies might be interested to hear each of our accounts about it.”
“They’re…pretty much the same,” Harvey interposed, annoyed by Shane’s minding which he knew he was only doing to pester him.
But Shane ignored his comment. “Besides who made you the leader here anyway?”
“It kinda makes sense since he’s the oldest,” Sam voiced.
“What?” Sebastian asked him, “I thought Elliott was the oldest.”

All eyes looked over at Elliott and the man simply scrunched up his nose and shook his head at them. Sam shot Sebastian a wide, victorious grin.

“Look this isn’t a matter of me being the oldest or not, or trying to be the leader,” Harvey said, giving Shane a quick glance. “I just thought it would be a good idea for all of us to come together and discuss this so that we’re all on the same page and can figure out what exactly this quest is all about.” All the girls nodded to that.
“Whatever…,” Shane muttered again.
“Shane knock it off and let the man speak,” Elliott firmly addressed.
“Make me bard boy!”
Elliott’s mouth dropped in surprise at the name call. “I’m not a bard,” he countered, “I’m a writer!”
“Well you sure look like one to me!”
“Hey!” Leah cut in, eyeballing Shane with a waggling finger. “No one talks to my boyfriend like that!”
“WHAT!?” everyone cried out, staring at the new couple.

A dead silence filled the room as Leah blushed, trying to put together what she was going to say.

“Yes,” she began with, “Elliott and I are officially a couple now.” She gripped his hand and turned toward him with a loving smile. “It took us being apart like this to realize just how much we love each other. And we didn’t want to waste anymore time.” Elliott returned the smile with a blush and wrapped his arm around her, bringing her in for a cuddle.
“Aww!” Emily cooed.


Sam leaned back in his chair with his legs crossed, picking at the cuticles on his fingers as he said, “I guess it’s not too surprising since you two have always paired off together at the seasonal festivals.”
“Yup, and they totally had sex upstairs,” Shane muttered again.
“Alright…,” Abigail but in, giving Shane a look. “Please continue the discussion Harvey.”
Shane shook his head with an eye roll.


*There you have it. 😊 It’s amazing how much the characters have grown isn’t it? 🥰

Now without further adieu, Enjoy the Christmas celebration and continuation of Chapter 18. 💗

(Of course it’s also been updated in the main Chapter area. 🙂 )

**I will be sharing a few Author’s Notes about this update in a post on the main page later so stay tuned for that. 😊

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